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12.2.2005 ucko / bratislava
>> start 22.00 | entry 120sk/3eur
martin vysoky
adam strang/noisecamp.vienna
eat dead gore/1bomb1target/noisecamp.viena
neon squid autopsy/


The Slovak experimental electronica made it even to the renowned music mag The Wire. What it's about, will be shown on the 12th of february in Bratislava's U-Club. Urbsounds together with their friends from Burundi, will transform the space to an extraordinary showcase of audio-visual experiments of Bratislava's digital underground.

Oh yes, Urbsounds are starting a netlabel, and so the squad consisting of rbnx, jamka and urbanfailure will give performances together with other artists in U-Club. RBNX is a skilled sound engineer, who is making his musical devices by himself. The DIY attitude can be heard also in his music, reminding of the complicated structures in his machines.
The duo JAMKA will return from London for the gig. Their musical dialogue will be moving from mutual consonance to deconstructive dissonance.
URBANFAILURE's rythmical loops pile up one on another until the whole structure breaks down and becomes arythmical. But until the moment Urbanfailure’s live-performance closes the event, two new Slovak names will play: industrial inspired PHRAGMENTS, and the cut-up identity Martin Vysoky
But that evening the Austrians are headliners as well.
NEON SQUID AUTOPSY is the first of them to play. His dark and fluid sound, based on sub-bass elements, will be later replaced by the dynamics of the Noisecamp people. But their musical radicality has also its delicate sides.
So does the production of ADAM STRANG, whose classical education in music was only the preparation for the later electronic deconstruction. His sound varies from hip-hop over breakbeats to noise.
EAT DEAD GORE is the more extreme manifestation of Noisecamp. They promised a PA slaughter to us, so we will provide them with a visual one.

The organizers of Satisfunction, have also prepared a strong visual side. The overall atmosphere of the space, will be shaped by visuals of tove, gnd or ana. The people from Burundi will create a digital touch to the place by the screening of experimental movies, pc-monitors connected directly to the sound signal or user-controled java applets.

Satisfunction starts at 22.00 and continues till you drop dead. To the 120 Sk (3 Euro) entry you'll get a cd - compilation of the performing artists.

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