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Jamka (SK)
Urbanfailure (SK)

ZeroPointEnergy (UK)

Flangemagnus (Jap)
Carl (Singapore)

Dj Mysiar (SK)

Synths, homemade oscillators, sequencers, samplers, toys, computers, turntables.
Electronic, noise, improvisation and experiment at night. Event brought from Slovakia to London. Participating artists: Jamka (SK), Urbanfailure (SK), RBNX (SK), ZeroPointEnergy (UK), Fangemagnus (Jap), Carl (Singapore), Dj Mysiar (SK)
8 December 2005
19.30 ~ 01.00
Red Rose Club 129Seven Sisters Rd London
CD cover, leaflet and poster artworks by James Ferris
UrbsoundsCollective (www.urbsounds.sk) comes from Slovak Republic and covers three different projects:
JAMKA <Monika Subrtova & Daniel Kordik ...digital deconstructed ... In Slovak, “jamka” could mean dimple or pothole. Befitting their name, the duo pushes their live performance over rough territory with a cheeky smile. Electro beats to stride into Jamka’s landscape of crunchy clicks and jagged breakdowns, only to be stretched and segmented themselves, sacrificed to the duo’s digital-analogue dialogue. The mutant electronic offspring of Bratislava, Slovakia’s punk scene, they formed in 2001. Monika Subrtova plays sequencer and synthesizer while Daniel Kordik plays sampler and an instrument he designed on the Pure Data software platform. Once having a party a friend said: “Your music sounds very “cubic”. As if two chaotically moving robot were having a chat.”
RBNX <Tobias Potocny ... power electronics ... analogue [mostly selfmade] devices … >a skilled sound engineer, who is making his musical devices by himself. The DIY attitude can be heard also in his music, reminding of the complicated structures in his machines. “Modern, liberated, contemporary, of a broad spectrum, intelligent, obscure, experimental, unique, quality, original, extraordinary… These are words that most often characterize electronic music production. With rbnx things are different.”
URBANFAILURE <Michal Lichy... lo-fi rythms & structures ... drum machine, synthesizers, sampling unit> one-man project of Michal Lichy, open to play or collaborate with everybody if some conditions meet. “I hear system fault it was likely caused by electromagnetic error and today I encountered bug of technology pointless used of energy. I’d rather let urbanfailure try to deconstruct noise while constructing structure. My synthesis of feelings endeavors to transform rooted images. The realization of this concept is also a way to use sound as opinion. Your TV digital pudding raisins as an analog paradox deforming reality? Try not to think about what the past will be like!”
UrbsoundsCollective has roots in punk and DIY movement and was established in 2001 as the outcome of friendship, common interests, shared views and love for music. Since then it has become a platform for exchanging experience and supporting creative and unusual electronic and media events, distributing interesting DIY materials, organizing experimental electronic music events and releasing
mostly CD-r recordings.

UrbsoundsCollective played their first concert in November 2001 at the
Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. From that time on they have been performing at various galleries, clubs and festivals <Digitopia/Slovakia, Multiplace/Slovakia, Next/Slovakia, Alternativa/Czech Republic, Electric Rain/Ireland, Resistance Festival/Great Britain, RX-TX/Slovenia, Grim Electronicittà/France> in Slovakia as well as abroad <Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Italy,France, Great Britain and Ireland>.In 2004 Urbsounds Collective started organizing Sound Laboratories based on the idea of inviting guests for the purpose of spreading new ideas, knowledge and experience in the field of electronic experimental music. At the end of 2004 Urbsounds Collective  released
their first common LP: Urbsounds Collective LP and in 2005 they launched a small
free mp3 netlabel to spread experimental electronic music.
On February 2nd 2005 Urbsounds launched their first Ears Chewing Satisfunction (http://satisfunction.urbsounds.sk) in U-Club Bratislava/Slovakia. Ears Chewing Satisfunction is an international music*not-music showcase to which Urbsounds Collective always invite some international guests.
UrbsoundsCollective play either in the above mentioned projects or all together, eventually in various fusions. Their experimental shows are always live.
ZeroPointEnergy (UK) - live
ZeroPointEnergy is a solo project by Ryan Jordan. It began with broken noise and experimental works which quickly plunged into gabba and breakcore, and re-emerging as overdriven, highly distorted, computer-crashing noise [core].
With overdriving individual loops he creates a dark, metallic, and sometimes harrowing atmosphere of sound objects colliding and smashing into one another. The loops pass and grind over each other creating a derelict texture crushing space.
Currently studying Sonic Art at university, Ryan has several other projects, which include collaborative works of a more peaceful and ambient nature, electroacoustic compositions, a collaborative sound installation using Max/MSP and building on a theory entitled 'The Problems with Evoking Images Using Sound as a Medium'.
Carl (Singapore) – live
Singapore porn king puts whatever through his open source soft machine. It can even be black metal…
Flangemagnus (Japan) – live
Noise generated through toys. " inept grapplings with failing circuitry"
Dj Misyar (Slovakia) – Turntables Breakcore, distorted beats