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4.6.2005 ucko / bratislava
>> start 22.00 | entry 120sk/3eur

mud woodstone
oliver irsai
shortwave massacre

A chunk of chewed ear
LIKE to have your ears nibbled? How about devoured by a big bite? Ears Chewing Satisfunction returns to club ucko for a second instalment of what organizing musical collective urbsounds calls "music*notmusic". The event will be supported by live visual performances.
International guests include Audiokollectiv from Berlin, "a collection of people who share this strange affinity for all kinds of crazy flashing and sound-producing machines," and ShortwaveSMassacre from Vienna, a group that makes music using the frequencies of a shortwave radio and an old monochrome television.
Slovak acts will also make an appearance, perhaps the most intriguing being the debut of Mud Woodstone, "an electric blues jam by three lunatics" who supposedly founded the group while bicycling along the Mississippi River.
Ears Chewing Satisfunction 2 takes place Saturday, June 4, at 22:00. Every guest will receive a compilation CD with tracks from the musicians scheduled to perform. Tickets cost Sk120.

The Slovak Spectator invites you to earschewingsatisfunction

On Saturday 4.6.2005 EarsChewingSatisfunction returns to Bratislava’s ucko. It’s your chance to enjoy music*notmusic supported by live visual performance by visual technicians tove, ana and zero. Nor does this installment lack diverse live acts and a duo of computerrorists - fkt+dubyx with their alternative approach to mixed electronic music. This time around we are also introducing new crusaders from the ranks of Slovak electronica: Oliver Irsai performs his electronic mix of sound collage, for his part gottlieb sets his ideas on the connection between guitar and electronics to music, and mud woodstone is the surprising debut of an electric blues jam by 3 lunatics…, international guests round out the night‘s varied musical spectrum: Audiokollektiv from Berlin present their live act, including their own live visuals and shortwave~massacre from Vienna is responsible for the analogue rhytmic fun… residents rbnx and urbanfailure of earschewingsatisfunction organizers urbsounds present their new rhytmic constructions and sound-lathe… we‘re looking forward to seeing you on Saturday 4.6 at 22.00 in ucko – every guest will receive an ear chewing satisfunction compliation cd with current tracks from the performing projects, entry 120sk/3eur

audiokollektiv is a collaboration of people who share this strange affinity for all kinds of crazy flashing and sound producing machines .
It provides since years endless fun to its members and sometimes to the audience too. Additional to musical thrill and pleasure, audiokollektiv comes for ears chewing satisfunction 2 with its director for moveable structures, who will care for your visual delight.

Shortwave~Masscacre deconstructs in tradition to John Cage frequencies of a shortwave radio and old style monochrom television. It combines the noises with distorted beats and lot of effects to digital industrial. The specific about this live performance is the uniqueness. There are always different noises, voices and parts of music, depending on the place. There is no repetition possible!

In addition to coming from the same regional city, from RV, they also share a fondness for projects from Vancouver and Canada, arrhythmic rhythms, industrial pasts, tranquil presents and noisy futures.
They are tempted to mix everything that suits their taste on the traktor software. And a lot of things suit their taste!

Oliver Irsai
One-man project Oliver Irsai came into being in 2004 as an offshoot of the long-running punk-and-later-electronicexperimental project Meotar. This musician initially dedicated himself to percussion but later began to incline toward experimentation with the help of the computer as a musical instrument. In terms of sound, Oliver Irsai likes indefinable or unpredictable genres, making use of various live sounds including a wide range of traditional and nontraditional percussion in addition to a laptop. This atmospheric sound collage project is pervaded by rhythmic passages that often result in uncoordinated chaos

Modern, liberated, contemporary, of a broad spectrum, intelligent, obscure, experimental, unique, quality, original, extraordinary…
These are words that most often characterize electronic music production. With rbnx things are different.

I hear system fault it was likely caused by electromagnetic error and today I encountered bug of technology pointless used of energy. I’d rather let urbanfailure try to deconstruct noise while constructing structure. My synthesis of feelings endeavors to transform rooted images. The realization of this concept is also a way to use sound as opinion. Your TV digital pudding raisins as an analog paradox deforming reality? Try not to think about what the past will be like!


Since the traditional sound of the electric guitar has become partially worn out, Gottlieb atempts find something new in it. In his own production, Gottlieb includes other accoustic instruments, analog pedals, voice and text. He does not shy away from music softwear.

Mud Woodstone
A band founded by three friends on a group bicycle trip along the Mississippi River. In their long howling pieces they draw on the traditional blues of Muddy Waters and cry over lost loves in lyrics full of pain.

v/a compilation earschewingsatisfunction 4.6.2005 track list
1. gottlieb - stille lieder
2. rbnx - cem!
3. audiokollektiv - six shortmovies in 5 minutes
4. oliver irsai - olgoj chorchoj
5. urbanfailure - resistor crash recovery
6. shorthwave massacre - telequiz
7. urbsounds common jam - live on previous ears chewing satisfunction 12.2.05

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by urbsounds.sk