Ears Chewing Satisfunction 26.8. Subclub, Bratislava a 27.8. Cross Club, Praha
Už po šiestykrát ich prostredníctvom zaútocia na vaše psychické zdravie uf a rbnx /www.urbsounds.sk/ v rámci akcie "Ears Chewing Satisfunction". S podtitulom vecierky s hudbou nehudbou sa spája nekonvencná prehliadka odpadu na elektronickej scéne. Tentokrát sa zúcastnia Crank Sturgeon /www.cranksturgeon.com/ z USA so svojim rybím kabaretom, ::.: /www.11fingersrecords.com/
vyženie všetky macky na strechu a zmätie netopiere a o záverecnú jungle diskotéku sa postarajú DJ I.R. a GMD /Stoopid Plastics/ z Lipska. Urbsounds sa predstavia tradicne v zastúpení vyššie spomenutých rezidentov, skrytých za nic nehovoriace pseudonymy. Vo dvojici sa bude varit možno aj skutocný ružový puding, na ktorý pridá cerešnicku kovboj urbanfailure a jahôdku kovboj rbnx resp. jeho alter ego Pavlov`s Lightbulb. V neposlednom rade dorazí aj Sure zo Žiliny, aby rozohrial srdcia všetkých japanofilov.
CD kompilácia zadarmo k lístku samozrejme nebude chýbat ani tentoraz a mne už len zostáva pripomenút, že toto všetko sa odohrá v sobotu 26.8. v bratislavskom Subclube a v nedelu 27.8.v prazskom Cross Clube.
Ears Chewing Satisfunction 26.8. Subclub, Bratislava and 27.8. Cross Club, Praha
For the 6th time, uf & rbnx /www.urbsounds.sk/ attack your psychic health with the intro-action "Ears Chewing Satisfunction". Subheaded music *notmusic, this event forges unusual sonic creations from the trash of the electronic scene. This installment’s participants include Crank Sturgeon and his fish cabaret /www.cranksturgeon.com/ from the USA, ::.: /www.11fingersrecords.com/, who will banish all the cats on the roof and confuse bats, while DJ I.R. and GMD /Stoopid Plastics/ of Leipzig will oversee the closing jungle dance party. Urbsounds traditionally introduce themselves among well-known residents, hidden behind unspoken pseudonyms. As a duo, they may cook some actual pink pudding to which cowboy urbanfailure will contribute a little cherry while cowboy rbnx (or his alter ego Pavlov’s Lightbulb) will contribute a little strawberry. Last but not least, Sure from Zilina, will warm the hearts of all Japanophiles. Naturally, a CD compilation will come free with ticket purchase yet again, and it only remains for me to remind you that all this takes place Saturday, 26.08 at Bratislava’s Subclub and 27.08 at Prague ’s Cross Club.

Crank Sturgeon: junk noise, dada faux pas, actionist ethos (act-shun pathos), fisch kopf psychedelia, non-art performance-art, nothing too serious (and yet serious enough to keep doing it). Crank Sturgeon has been active in the periphery of noise and performance since 1992. Not content with the rules of the scene, Sturgeon invoked his skills from his alma
mater to de-create his form of noise (skills which by no coincidence, were schooled in Happenings, Futurism, video art, and art terrorism). Learning also that by injecting humor, stories, pun, and gibberish into the experiment, the shape of things became more personal and likewise (as with life), ever-changing. In order to improve, develop, and continue with the theme of LOUD LIFE, everything must get rewired, inverted, and dropped on its head (not just pulling new sounds from old devices; but contraptions, costumes, and methods of presentation). Armed with voice, guitar, contact microphones, junk metal,
tape machines, and a scrappy costume in tow, the show desires to engage sonic expression and visual distortion; the cause and effect becoming simultaneously caustic and celebratory. That would be the hope at least, in matters of fishnoise and man.

CS has recorded or done split releases (and occasionally performed) with Id m Theft Able, Cock ESP, Pork Queen, Richard Ramirez, Wham-O, Witcyst, Skincrime, Cerberus Shoal, Fritz Welch, Kelly Nesbitt, Agog, John Dwyer, Paisano, Con Dom, The Haters, NED, Godstomper, Suppression, Fever Spoor, Truck Van Rental, Kadef, Due Process, Boyd Nutting, Discotheque Gronland, XV Parowek, Origami Replika, John Sharp, Dylan Nyoukis, Gastric Female Reflex, Emil Beaulieau, Mike Shiflet, Susipank, PCRV, Tote Stadt, Critical Theatre, The Nautilus Deconstruction, Raionbashi, GI & the Spykes & King Frog.

CS has released cassettes, cds, records & videos on American Tapes, RRR, Chocolate Monk, Tochnit Aleph, Mang Disc, RFTS, Bennifer Editions, Fusetron, Union Pole, Freedom From, Stomach Ache, Imvated, Tedium House, Giardia, Spite, EF Tapes, Gameboy, Breathmint, Dead Mind, Mother Savage, Bobby J, Stralight Furniture Co, Cesspool, CNP, Freesound,
Solipsism, Life Space, Mute Ant Sounds, Nauscopy, Scrotum Records, Susipank, Humbug, Stillstand, XVP, Aria Arts, Obscurica, Stentorian Tapes, Deadline, Rotkop, Audiobot & Gertrude Tapes.

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DJ I.R., co-founder of STOOPIDS PLASTICS, hosting hilarious underground shows in Leipzig and weirding out people for years now as well as being part of projects such as C27 (R.I.P.), slackism, dobra minus and several more, teams up with GMD - #1 DJ of SP since the beginnings - to turn the tables this time: showing their deeper love for junglism. While DJ I.R. ekes out his existence as an underpaid junglist not only with good taste in huge beards but body working dancesounds, GMD knocks it off with his roots rocking rollers.